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“What was an ordinary drab old house like all the others around it, has become a red and gold confection on a dazzling white ground…Such a shop might well be popular in Marseilles or, Bordeaux…so I looked into the display window this morning. On a white marble shelf innumerable boxes, multi-coloured ribbon, in glass dishes lie the chocolates, the pralines, candied fruits, truffles, hazelnut clusters, candied rose petals, they gleam darkly like sunken treasure, Aladdin’s cave of sweet clichés. Caroline Clairmont broke her Lenten vow because of that shop and what it sells”  – (Excerpt from Joanne Harris – Chocolat)

In House Chocolates by Design is not dissimilar to the shop portrayed in Chocolat and has been compared to this by several customers. We wanted to create an experience when you walk through the door, the smell of sweet chocolate in the air combined with the smell of freshly ground coffee.

​Sit and relax while you enjoy a coffee (freshly ground of course), a thirst-quenching pot of tea or why not try our delicious signature hot chocolate. We have over 25 coffees to choose from and over 14 teas. While you sip on your refreshing beverage, soothe your senses by perusing our selection of handmade chocolates and other chocolate confections.

Once you’ve sampled our handmade delights, you can enjoy the rest of historic Castle Douglas. Castle Douglas has a wonderful selection of specialist retail outlets there is something for everyone.

We look forward to your visit.

See you soon!