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Where has the time gone, is this a sign of getting old or is it, time flies when you are having fun!!!2003 just seems like yesterday since I took the leap into the wonderful world of chocolate and what a rollercoaster it has been. I have made many mistakes, especially in those early days, chocolate is a temperamental product and every day is a school day.

In House Chocolates has changed so much since it started and when you look back you see how much you have progressed. When I decided to change the brand 6 years ago and the overall image this is when I felt that I had achieved something and my business was moving forward. I remember so clearly the night we had completed the makeover in the shop and stepping back and saying this building looks like it has just dropped out of the sky, the transformation was truly unbelievable, my vision was starting to come to life and the rest is history.

This is my first blog and we hope to bring you regular features on new product development, new packaging and just a general fun read.

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